Video Slideshows – Included with Every Wedding Photography Package

Anyone can arrange photos haphazardly and toss in a music track. But, we aren’t anyone.

Storytelling is an art. And, we are storytellers.

We start with your favorite images, hand-picked by you, and then search through hundreds of music tracks to find that perfect song. Next, your images are meticulously arranged to visually tell a compelling story. Finally, after your slideshow is reviewed and fine-tuned, a copy is placed on your image disc for playback in most DVD players, and we also include a digital copy for your iOS device such as an iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

While our goal is certainly not to make brides cry, many brides (and grooms) have written us and shared how beautiful their slideshow turned out and how reliving their wedding day through the slideshow made them tear up. And, that makes us very pleased!

(The happy bride part, not the tears).