Happy New Year of My Blog

With a new year comes a renewed commitment to branding myself and discovering who I am as an individual.

The past 365 days have been a whirlwind of thoughts, emotions, planning, early breakfasts with friends, travelling, and marriage!

To better involve myself in the day to day, and to serve as a break from the mundane and routine, I’ve decided to put forth a concerted effort to develop, write, and manage my blog.

Sounds easy enough, right?

I thought the same. It isn’t until you sit down at your keyboard that you find a myriad of other things that you could be doing – instead of writing down daily musings. I give much credit to those who have not only maintained their own blogs, but who have done so for several years.

My hat is tipped to you all. Nice work. Well done you.

What will my blog serve to do? What is it’s purpose?

The purpose of my blog will be to document my daily happenings, thoughts, feelings & emotions, as well as elicit those same properties from visitors who crawl my blog.

I’m interested in hearing your comments – so please leave them!

If you see that I have skipped writing for a day, or worse have stopped altogether, please send me an email in all-caps. Shout at me like our mothers used to do for playing with gasoline and matches.

Another function of my blog will be to further market myself, my talents and abilities. I will do this through the use of various electronic mediums, including photos and movie clips posted on my web site https://ryantcollier.com.

But, most importantly, my blog will serve as a grounding stick, keeping me anchored to a goal I set for myself. I can easy gauge how well I am achieving that goal by how many posts I have come March, June, and on my 1-year wedding anniversary.

My success in attaining this goal will be directly related to my determination to succeed; limited only by my own free-will to do just that.

Here’s to the new year of my blog!


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