A Busy Day


As a treat to myself, I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning for a tasty breakfast sandwich. 🙂 My friend Tiffany gave me a gift card for helping her out during her “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – Movie Edition” training. She’s going to be on an episode sometime in February. Thanks so much Tiff!

At work, something to break the boredom! I was kept busy on “Project Revolution” work for most of the day. I’m not joking, that’s what the super-secret project is being called – “Project Revolution.”

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. 😀

However, it wasn’t all that bad. Once I got started editing, it flowed naturally through me. In fact, I ended staying at work for an extra half-hour on my own free-will, since I was on a roll. 😉

Traffic was a complete mess tonight. Remember those really warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing? Well, that all came to an end – starting this morning at 7am with winds reaching 45mph! Weeeeeeeeee! 🙂 As I write this, it’s about 20 degrees Fahrenheit colder then when my day started! Yep, cold front swept through and with it a whole lotta wind knocking down trees and taking out power lines.

No power lines = no working traffic lights.
No working traffic lights = moronic people forgetting to treat a non-working traffic signal as a 4-way stop.

Long story short, backed up traffic everywhere. So, I stopped off at Starbucks to try out my online courses. I’m getting excited for school to start, and I’m really looking forward to these business classes. Without a doubt, they’ll lead to many new opportunities – maybe some new employment opportunities!!

Ok – My thoughts are a little scattered tonight.

Off to bed at 10:55pm. 😛

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