Exciting title, eh? Bet you thought I had been in an accident. Well, I’m ok. Thanks for asking. Truly, it means a lot.

Actually, there was no accident – but thanks for your well-wishes. 😉

As you recall from yesterday, I had to get up really early this morning and take Keziah to the airport for her business trip to Dubai. And, you’ll also recall how much of a morning person I am (not). Well, to make the most of things, I decided to make the best of things and have breakfast with a friend of mine, after saying goodbye to Keziah.

Breakfast was great – definitely something I enjoy doing with good friends, especially when there’s good conversation! Now, while I’m not a morning person by any means, I do see the value in being up early. You feel as if you’re more productive and, feeling productive is never a bad thing.

Ooo, Keziah just called (it’s about 12:20am or about 9:20am Dubai time) and said that she landed safely in Dubai! 🙂

That’s really why I am still up; I was waiting to hear from her to know that she arrived alright.

Now, where was I… Oh, breakfast. Afterward, it was on to work which wasn’t bad at all today, with respect to “Project Revolution.” Received more kudos from the client on the spot I cut yesterday; hopefully it will be further well-received without much tinkering. Later in the day things started to deteriorate, but I’ll digress. :p

Having been up for 13.5 hours by the time 6 o’clock rolled around, there was no wonder why I crashed when I got home! There really wasn’t much stopping me either. I came home, started a nice, warm fire, turned on some background television and that was pretty much all I needed. When you think about it, as people, we really don’t change that much from when we are toddlers. A warm, cozy environment, some ambient noise, and we’re pretty much out. That may explain why my thumb was all puckered…

Off to bed at 12:40am, with the intention of a productive morning tomorrow. 😉

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