Looking Back.

As I’ve been getting busier over the last few days, it’s easy to let things slip away. But, all it takes is a quiet moment looking at some honeymoon pictures and it takes me back to a very happy place. 🙂

Amazing that something as simple as a photograph can immediately take you back to a specific moment and place in time. Looking back, I feel extremely fortunate that my wife and I had the ability to travel to French Polynesia for our honeymoon. It was such an amazing time spending two uninterrupted weeks with Keziah.

Life is short people. Work is a means to an end. Not to say you shouldn’t take it seriously, but you shouldn’t put your life on hold for work. Before you know it, all you have is stories about work and that’s all you’re focused on.

Leave the office back at the office and embrace life with your family – they’re all you’ve got, and you only have so much time with them before they’re gone. There’ll always be another job, but you only have one family. Don’t look back and regret not acknowledging that fact.

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