To iPhone or Not to iPhone

Well, as I predicted a few months back, Apple yesterday upped the capacity of its iPhone to 16GB. And, now I’m in the quandary to figure out if I should ditch Verizon and move to AT&T or continue to wait a little longer for another more beefy feature update or to just stick with Verizon and move over to a BlackBerry.

As an Apple shareholder, I feel somewhat compelled to stay in my own camp, rather than help out RIM, but the Apple / AT&T deal really isn’t helping me out any.


If I felt confident that I could hack the iPhone and have it work reliably, I’d pony up the $500 and head over to the Apple store to snag an iPhone up tomorrow!

There’s an RIT student who successfully hacked his iPhone to work on T-Mobile’s network – which, while ultimately quite fascinating, doesn’t really help me out of this little pile of dookie I’m in now, does it?

In the meantime, I finished another school assignment tonight, which leaves me with just one more BUS110 assignment and another BUS104 assignment that I need to wrap up before this Sunday.

Tomorrow after work, Keziah and I are going to see “Juno” at the Little Theatre – a night out that is most welcome after weeks of nothing but work, work, school, and more work and school. 🙂

Tomorrow is also our 4-month wedding anniversary!! Wahoo!! 😀

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