What an incredible week this has been; insanely busy would be a great description. I have managed to all but work 3 weeks ahead in my studies, paving the way for a 3 week path to finish up my business plan which is due on April 13.

I have a fairly busy schedule this weekend. Keziah and I are attending her grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary and I still have 4 papers that I need to – well, I’d like to finish up this weekend so I will be free and clear of papers in order to work solely on my business plan. I will try and post pictures of the festivities later this weekend. 🙂

Spring break begins April 13, so I will have some reprieve, but not much. I have my shadowing project due on the 27th – that’s the paper I’m writing on Brady, and then I have a career paper that’s due on May 5. That paper will be the third and last “big” projects that I have to finish for my classes for this semester.

Beginning in June, I’m taking a stress management class, ironically enough! 😉 That class is only 2 credit hours and will satisfy my PhyEd requirements of my degree for graduation! HooRah! I still have 5 more classes to take after that – 2 in the fall, 2 next spring and I’ll wrap up my business degree by taking 1 last class a year from now in the summer. By that point, it will be about 9 years since I first went back to school in 2000, and cumulatively 5 years all told for my associates, which honestly isn’t bad considering I’ve only taken classes part-time while working full-time. I give anybody who’s had to endure similar rigours mad props for their endurance. 😀

Once my business plan is finished, I’ll begin to focus on my shadowing paper, which I’m really excited to work on. I’m going to present it in a very unique and different manner – something totally unconventional for a business class paper. 😀

Lately, I’ve been having very topical and intriguing discussions about a number of national matters that I hope to develop into longer, more formal written works. I’ll digress from them for now though as it’s a bit past 1am and I’m in need of some beauty rest. 😉

I’ll end on with this truly amazing and touching video from YouTube which has been viewed over 25 million times. Without a doubt you’re sure to have seen this before; however, if you haven’t you owe it to yourself to take a 5 minute break to watch the video. Hey, smokers get smoke breaks, right? Well, it’s time you took a non-smoke break. 🙂

Cheers, enjoy!


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