A Photography Pause: Ice Cream Break.

I took a break from my wedding photography and decided to focus my energies on wrapping up some lingering projects.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! Very hot though; I think the temperature got all the way up to 95 today, but I’ll need to check the NOAA web site and confirm. 🙂

The sweltering heat didn’t deter me from working outside ALL day long! I had some woodworking projects from December that had yet to be finished; so, Saturday was a great day spent finishing up those few, last remaining projects. The majority of the work was baseboard trim that I had hand sanded, stained, and finished as well as some window casing that I did the same to. I have much respect for carpenters – good carpenters, who do not take short cuts and who hand-finish most of their work.

With a majority of furniture coming to the United States from China and India that is more or less medium density fiberboard, there is a very rewarding quality about real wood furniture – especially when you have crafted it together yourself. Most rewarding. 🙂

I found out my neighbor would most likely be moving in the next 12 months, as his aunt (who is 93) needs full-time care. Good neighbors are hard to come by, it’s true that most people don’t appreciate the things they have in their life until those things or other people aren’t there anymore!

In the evening, my wife and I made our first trip of the year to the local ice cream shoppe, Lickety Splits, right in the middle of the village. I had caramel flavoured ice cream with pralines and mini peanut butter cups. There was a spiffy name for it, but I can’t remember what it is. 🙂 Keziah had Maine Blueberry Cheesecake which, as the crafty name implies, tasted like cheesecake with Maine blueberries!

Thanks mostly to the heat, my waffle cone had some issues related to excessive melting – I hate when ice cream melts faster than you can eat it. I can’t complain too much though; who can complain after having such a productive, self-fulfilling, and delicious day! 🙂

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