Duck And Swerve.

I could feel myself starting to fall slightly behind on where I wanted to be in my summer classes. I like to be about 2 or 3 weeks ahead of schedule when I’m taking summer classes so that I do not have to stress about missing a few days here and there to enjoy the weather or just take a breather. Tonight after work, I decided that I would play catch up on my Stress Management class, well I’m not really behind but, I wanted to just invest a few hours reading discussion posts and making my plan of attack for this weekend – determining what I would work on and what I could afford to push off a few days.

After yesterday’s thunderstorms, the temperature cooled off considerably! It was perfect weather for at least one thing – reading in a hammock! My sister in law, Phoebe, bought me a hand-crafted hammock from Costa Rica when her and my 2 other sister in laws were off backpacking in Central America. I’ve made very good use of it so far this summer – when I’m not busy photographing wedding or taking other photos; I try to spend a few hours a week just laying in it and enjoying that time for myself. My stress management class textbook emphasizes the importance of taking time for oneself, to recognize when the body is being overworked and making sure time is given so the body can recoup.

Once I got all situated with my pillows and my iced tea, I carefully positioned myself in the hammock – hey, they can be tricky to execute sometimes! There is truly nothing like a nice “hammocking” on a perfect summer evening. And, there’s something poetic about relaxing in such an idyllic setting while reading a book on relaxing. 🙂

The only fly in my ointment was when I went to plug in my laptop to read the discussion posts there wasn’t any current flowing from the outside outlet. It took me 10 minutes to finally put things together and realize that the ground fault interrupt on the outlet had been tripped somehow – maybe from the storm the night before. Anyhow, that was frustrating because I had to get out of my comfy hammock!!! 🙂

We’re wrapping up the chapters about anger and humour which are great polar opposites! Humour is so subjective, as the text points out, and so is anger. So, you’d think they would be more closely related, though they are quite different from each other! I love that – a little duck and swerve.

I wish we could visit a comedy club as one of our lab assignments, actually I might be jumping the shark because I haven’t actually looked at what the lab assignment choices are – maybe I’ll get lucky and that will be one of them!! 🙂

I wonder if I could write that off as a required school expense… Hrrm. 🙂

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