Some New Friends and Some New Gear.

I met with my latest wedding couple, Kevin and Brittany, today at Starbucks to meet Brittany for the first time and to go over some great ideas that they both had for their wedding in June of 2009.

I can tell already their wedding will be fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding next year!

Earlier today, I took delivery of some new photography gear that I will use immediately this upcoming weekend for my family portrait photography shoot in Webster. I purchased a new polarizing filter, UV filter, and some nifty cinch straps that will allow me to attach my tripod to my gear bag. I also picked up a new petal-style lens hood for my 17-85mm lens.

The lens filters were made by an Italian company, Hoya, and they are all multi-coated to reduce reflection, light scatter, and flare. 🙂 The only downside is they’re about twice as expense as non-multi-coated photographic lens filters. 🙁

But, you can’t compensate for a fine piece of glass. 😉

I took a few snapshots of before and after pictures with the polarizer, the difference is remarkable!

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