Independence Day Comes to an End.

Well, just like that and the 232nd Independence Day has come to a close – well at least for those living on the eastern coast of the United States. 🙂

The photographs of the fireworks came out amazing for them having been my first crack. If I would change anything next year it would be two things. First, I would ride my bike. The fireworks ended about an hour
and a half ago and yet, here I sit idly in traffic. Also, people are generally obnoxious when they are sitting in traffic – as if honking your horn is really going to solve the problem and make the volume of
cars decrease.

The other alteration would be to bring some bug spray. It just so happens that fireworks begin right about the time that mosquitos emerge to feast on tasty humans. Note to self, next year bring the Off.

With gas currently fetching $4.40+, I opted to just remain in my comfy parking space until the traffic thins out a bit – no sense burning perfectly good gasoline if my vehicle isn’t going anywhere, right? 🙂

And just as finished typing that, I look up and discover the path is clear! I’m heading home to check out some of the pictures from tonight’s fireworks show!

Tomorrow is a busy day for me, I’ll be shooting some family portraits in Webster which I’m really excited for!

After I shoot the family photos I have a few bookkeeping tasks to attend to as well as some new advertising that I’d like to start working on. 🙂

Happy Independence Day and God bless! 🙂

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