An Overdue Post.

I know it’s been some time since my last post, so I wanted to take a few moments and provide an update on what I’ve been focusing my energies on over the past few weeks.

While excellent, creative photography skills are essential to running a photography business, accurate accounting is also integral to the success of the venture. With that thought in mind, I registered for an accounting course during the summer and I’ve been heavily immersed in learning the roles and functions of accounting with respect to business operations as it relates to running a full service wedding photography business in Rochester, New York and the greater Upstate New York area.

The second area where I have been concentrating my time is researching and acquiring new photographic equipment that will augment the photography equipment I already own and allow me to provide an even higher level of quality wedding photography images to current and future clients.

While I believe it is the photographer and not the photographer’s equipment that is most paramount when selecting a wedding photographer – or any photographer for that matter, I also can’t ignore the importance of ensuring I’m using the best and highest quality equipment when capturing countless wedding memories for clients.

By investing in the best photographic equipment, I free myself to really focus on my main objective at every wedding I’m hired to photograph: create truly original and breath-taking fine art wedding photographs that are timeless.

Nothing stands still while photographing a wedding. And, there are no forgiving moments to change the batteries in a flash or wait for the flash to recycle. Understanding this, I recently invested in a rechargeable battery pack that offers an unparalleled 1-sec recycle time and is also in line with my company’s socially responsible “Green” philosophy of minimizing environment impact.

The battery’s ability to power over 1,000 full-power flashes and the elimination of battery waste from landfills is something wedding clients and the Company can both be happy about.

Finally, much of my time has been invested in assisting with the coordination of a fundraiser event to benefit the Lindsay Graygo Empowerment Scholarship, a scholarship established in the honour of former classmate Lindsay Graygo who passed away much too early this past February. The event date of August 13 is rapidly approaching and with it a need to finalize remaining details to ensure its success.

I’d encourage anyone interested in learning more about this very positive approach to an otherwise tragic event to read more at

Within the next month I’m going to be focusing my energies on some really exciting developments that will be extremely beneficial to wedding clients in need of wedding photography!

I can’t speak about it at length right now, but I will give an update in the very near future. What I can tell you is this: I’ve never been excited about an upcoming development more than I am about this current one! 🙂

Until then, I continue to offer exceptional wedding and event photography to clients in the Rochester and Upstate New York areas. I have booked about a half dozen wedding photography shoots for 2009 already; so, if you’re considering a wedding photographer for your wedding in 2009 feel free to contact me to verify my availability and how we can collaborate on making your wedding photographs truly unique and amazing! 🙂

I’m always easy to get a hold of: 585.217.7510 or via e-mail


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