Ok, folks here’s the deal on this one. I get a lot of rib-poking for arriving late at numerous functions. My daily commute takes about 13 minutes, which, if I’m running late results in about a 13 minute tardy to the workplace.

My thought: What if there was a way to speed up the commute process – compress it, if you will. What would a 13-minute commute look, feel, and sound like – if we were able to squeeze it into 60 seconds.

This video is a close approximation by most accounts. 🙂

[flv width=”320″ height=”260″][/flv]

Rochester Film Fest

So, I decided to take a break from writing my last BUS104 class paper and go on a date with Keziah to the opening night of the Rochester International Film Festival. I’m actually blogging from inside the theatre while we wait for the film to start – very exciting.

I’m not certain I can include pictures in my remote blog posts but I’ll try if I have time. The film we’re seeing is Helen Hunt’s directorial debut, “Then She Found Me.” I know the film screened at Sundance earlier this year but I never heard if it. Should be interesting!

Here we go!!

Super Tuesday.

Well, it’s “Super Tuesday” and I thought I’d share this video that I dug up.

It’s a campaign spot for an Argentine election, and I think it’s brilliant. Check it out!

Wassup? PC Home Movie.

Everybody who knows me knows I am a mac fanatic. I’m no Guy Kawasaki (look him up), but I do help spread “Buy a Mac” joy to everyone I come in contact with who owns a PC.


Do I aim to antagonize? To upset? To mock?

No, quite the opposite. I’m for the betterment of men, women, and children throughout this small planet we call home.

But, I’m equally motivated by superior results stemming from the use of a first-rate machine.

Better illustrated by this: