A Fantastic Family Portrait Session!

I had both the honour and priviledge of photographing the Buttarazzi family’s portraits today in Webster. The two hour photo session went by really fast, and all the children were execptionally well-behaved! (The adults were pretty attentive as well. :)) It was great to spend part of my afternoon with such a great group of […]

Occupation: Learner.

I worked mainly on preparing my NY sales tax return for the 1Q08 today. Random thought, but if it’s one thing I’ve learned about me, it’s that when I get bored, I check out mentally. I need intellectual stimulation to survive. Not so much stuff to do, but I need stuff to learn. I crave […]

A Cold, Frosty One…

Day that is. It was warmer this morning at mid-night than it was 8 hours later, when I left for work. Remind me why I choose to live in the Northeast section of the United States. This morning at 8am, the temperature in Fairport (a suburb of Rochester, NY) was 6ºF (-14ºC). Now, I’m no […]