Up Early

I forced myself out of my cozy, warm bed this morning around 7:00am. Now, I know most of the world, well most of the world on the east coast of the United States anyway, gets up a lot earlier than that, but for me (a habitually late-sleeper) getting up at 7am is a feat of wondrous proportions.

Many thoughts moved through my head as I prepared a cup of delicious Blueberry White Tea (a Christmas gift from my wife, Keziah).

Amazing how the mind wonders from thought to thought. It’s like that 6 degrees of separation game. One thought leads you to another, then another, and by the time you end up at your 6th or 7th thought you start asking yourself “how did I end up thinking about this?”

So, I’ve been thinking more about law school, and school in general over the past few weeks. I really need to talk to my uncle Scott about law school – he’s a lawyer up in Rhode Island. I’m sure he can offer some general advice from his own experiences.

I have about 6 classes to finish up at MCC before I receive my associates, which I’ve been working on for the past several years. After that, I’d like to pursue my bachelors, which, if I’m steadfast, should be attainable within 3 or 4 years.

From school my mind veered off into entrepreneurship – specifically, my photography side business and how I need to start marketing it and making contacts. So, if you know of anyone who is in need of photographic services – forward my web site to them. 😉

It’s about 7:40am and I’m going to have my shower. Maybe I’ll leave for work early and get a good parking spot. 🙂

Well, I ended up leaving for work around 8:55am, but I did find a pretty sweet parking spot!


I spent most of the day pouring over financial information from the past 24 months in hope of getting a more-accurate forward-looking view of my spending plan for 2008. I also updated my MySpace page, directing MySpacers over to this blog. I can’t stand MySpace, it’s becoming a giant billboard for useless products marketed toward minors.

I mean really, “Bling-Out Your Page,” “Free Ringtones, “Win a Free iPhone.” This is the cesspool of commercialism that awaits your “Friends” when they visit your little cyber-nook.


Keziah is working late, so I decided to stick around at work and finish up my financial noodlings.

It’s about 6:30 now, and I’m headin’ on home. Fridays are “Pizza Night,” so I’m eager to get home and scarf down a pie.

Sweet Lord that pizza was good. Pontillos “Right around the corner.”

No painting tonight! Yeahhhhhhhh!

Which means there’ll be MORE painting to do tomorrow. Boooooo!

I’m supposed to have breakfast at Riki’s (the local Fairport greasy spoon) tomorrow with a friend of mine, which I’m excited about. So, it’s off to bed I go; 1:53am.

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