My First Week in the Blogosphere

I think that’s how you spell Blogosphere anyway, the word doesn’t come up as being recognised by my spell-checker – maybe there’ll be an update released sometime this year. 🙂

Blogging has proved to be more enjoyable than I thought, it’s quite addictive as well.

If you read my post from last night, you’d already know that I went to bed around mid-night. What you didn’t know is that I ended staying up until 5am this morning working on some additional features – such as the über-cool random image generator. 😉

I’ll be adding more features as I have the time to, including the ability to order pictures directly from my web site!

Right now, it’s almost 11:30am. We’re dead at work, which allows me to catch up on some other lingering projects. By doing what I need to do, I will be able to do what I want to do.

Oh, here’s an interesting snip-it from an article about the migration away from analog cell signals and the impact on folks using in-car help systems:

“As of December 31, 2007, OnStar will no longer support its own analog systems in older vehicles, in anticipation of the analog cellphone shutdown scheduled for Feb. 19, 2008. Most of us no longer have analog phones, not even those dual-band and tri-band ones capable of analog roaming. Still, certain systems still rely on the network, including burglar alarms, utility meter readers and in-car help systems—not just OnStar but also LexusLink and Mercedes-Benz TeleAid. When AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Alltel switch off their networks, many OnStar users will find themselves SOL. [AP; OnStar Digital Transition]” – Gizmodo


So, I’ve decided to post some “Vintage Ryan” content including some papers I wrote in college, old videos that I’ve edited over the past 12 years, and maybe even a few nostalgic photos. 🙂

I’m going to add a new section called: “Vintage” on the blog, look for it over the next few weeks.

Ok – I’ve added several Vintage postings from about 6 or 7 years ago – mostly from literature classes. You can find them filed under the “Vintage” category.

Here’s a link as well: Vintage. It’s definitely interesting reading them after 7 years has gone by!

I found this really great statistics paper on the cost-comparison among take-out, fast-food, and brown-bag lunches. There are a lot of charts and graphs, so I need to find a way to convert them into pictures so I can post along with the text of the paper.

Doubtful I’ll get to that tonight – I’m tired from staying up really late last night! And, I still have one more wall to paint tonight; though I might just take a nap first. 🙂

Heading home at 5:56pm.

Well, I stopped at Home Depot (my home away from home) to pick up a quart of paint to finish the one wall remaining, and I picked up a part I’ve been needing for a few months.

Got home.

Realised the part I needed was too big.

Back to Home Depot.

Back home.

Too tired to really do anything but go to bed. 🙂

In bed by 11:00pm!

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