Dinner and a Movie

Well, after getting up around 1pm this afternoon – hey, before you judge, make sure you read yesterday’s post – Keziah and I puttered around the house for a few hours before reviewing some movie trailers to decide what movie to see tonight.

Tonight will be our first “date” since our wedding! And, since Keziah is leaving for Dubai this week, it was her last weekend in town.

So, we planned a dinner and a movie date. 🙂

We reviewed close to 10 movies, and finally selected “The Great Debaters.”

“Set against the backdrop of the Jim Crow South and inspired by a true story, THE GREAT DEBATERS chronicles the journey of a brilliant but volatile coach (Denzel Washington) who uses the power of words to shape a group of underdog students from a small, modest black college in East Texas into an elite debate team while challenging the social mores of the time, culminating with a groundbreaking invitation to debate Harvard’s championship team.”

We had the entire theatre to ourselves – apparently “I Am Legend” was the larger-draw movie.

It was like being in our own living room, but with 188 empty seats around us, and a much larger screen. Oh, and chewed gum stuck to the floor, with a light dusting of popcorn kernels.

Though the ending was predictable, overall the movie was enjoyable, poignant and moving at times. The second film directed, as well as starring Denzel Washington, proved this actor can continue to impress and provoke thought.

I’d recommend it to anyone, excluding resident Texans, or anyone with a confederate flag still flying over their doorstep.

In bed by 12am, and early night for me!

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