Ignoring the Truth; Glorifying the Lie

Humans are ironic creatures.

I was going to write about this last night, as it was fresh in my mind; however, I encountered some technical issues with my web site. Anyway, I digress…

Last night, while dining alone at P.F. Changs, I made some observations about people – in general. Overall, I’d postulate that humans tend to ignore what is absolute and glorify that which is spurious.

Example: Diners eating their meals last night glorify the notion that the surroundings and dining experience at Changs are authentic, or at least inspired by authentic Asian couture. Though, I’d venture to claim that 95% to 98% of the patrons had never set foot in China to attribute their assertion. Thus, blindly accepting the environment as “authentic” or at least rooted in authenticity. Going so far as stating, “This restaurant is great! It really makes me feel like I’m actually in Asia.”

Conversely, we continue to challenge that which has already been proven to be fact.

I suspect we are programmed with this propensity when we are born.

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