All Caught Up

Well, just as this post’s title implies I am all caught up on a number of things that have been plaguing me for sometime.

The baseboard trim from last April that I started in the kitchen hallway was finally installed today, along with the two brand-new living room windows purchased back in December.

Naturally, all this means is that I know have room on my list of “To-Dos” to add more items to it. 🙂

With school starting this week (on Tuesday officially) I devised a regular schedule of 1-hour per class on MWF, with TTh being assigned for homework and other written assignments. Saturday’s will be designated as a free day where I can relax and spend time with my wife. I feel it’s important that she not feel overlooked while I focus on my studies. Sundays, being historically relaxed days anyway, will be either as school-work days or project days or for whatever comes around.

Now that a majority of the house projects have wrapped up – I’d like to focus on organizing some things around the house. Hopefully this will help keep things running smooth during the times when my time is limited.

The biggest organizational chore right now is the garage. Filled with a bunch of left over appliances from the sale of the City House, it’s a bit of a blight right now. So, if you know anyone looking to buy a gas stove, refrigerator, electric fireplace, or a Wagner paint roller, let me know! 😀

Other than that the basement could use a once-over, but I can’t complain. The house looks great. Finances are in order and I’m ready to start school! I actually have been writing a lot of posts to the discussions in both classes, and I started reading earlier tonight out of one classes’ textbooks. My goal is to stay about a week ahead so I have plenty of time to respond to emergencies etc.

On the whole, this weekend was probably the best in a long time, especially today beginning with a wonderful breakfast at Riki’s 🙂 Culminating in a relaxing evening of self-education whilst enjoying a cup of Williams Sonoma Peppermint Hot Chocolate. (If you haven’t, then you must.)

In trying to regulate myself to better sleeping habits, I’m off to bed at 12:33am.

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