Full Swing and Some New Music

I’m starting to develop a groove in my new business classes – and getting a rush from it too!

(Or at least, that’s how I feel today!) 🙂

School work needs an iTunes playlist, just like any other activity like working out, or relaxing. So, I went in search of some new music. I stumbled on these two artists, Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles.

You’ve heard Colbie’s song, “Bubbly” on the radio no doubt. A shame really, cause her whole album is pretty spot on.

I posted a link to it over on the right-side of my blog. It’s definitely worth checking out as is Sara Bareilles’ album, “Little Voice.”

Anyway, I’m a week ahead in my classes. I only have to write a few answers to some questions about the film “Pay It Forward” and how it relates to social responsibility. And there’s another assignment for my Entrepreneurial Studies class revolving around the Small Business Administration web site.

Oh, and I’ve posted my wedding pictures on the “Photos” page for those who snub Snapfish and other online photo sharing sites.

Overall – feeling pretty good 🙂 Gonna hop in bed at 10:30pm.

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