An Interesting Night

Funny how things can change so rapidly. Case in point, I was all set to sit down tonight and finish up my work for my BUS-104 class, then I heard a lot of fire trucks right outside my home-office window.

Not thinking too much about it at first, I started to type out a sentence before I was interrupted again by more fire trucks.

Ok, now this was getting interesting.

I got up and went to look out my bedroom window only to find about 5 engines gathering just down the street. Cue adrenaline.

Grab camera.
Grab coat.
Flee out door.

To me, it’s incredible just how many fireman show up in such a short amount of time. Blows my mind. I have an uncle in Florida who’s been a fireman for quite awhile. Maybe he’ll comment on these photos.

Send me your thoughts as well!


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