A Trip to Canada?

I got an email inquiring if I could shoot incognito in Canada this upcoming February from a guy who’s proposing to his wife.

I’m excited to learn more as I believe this would be a very fun and interesting shoot! During my downtime, whenever that is, I’d like to start marketing my photography more. Initially, printing a few pictures to carry around in my camera bag might be a good, inexpensive way to market opportunistically when I’m out in public. There have been several occasions where people come up and ask me what kind of camera I’m using. I never anticipated I’d get that much attention from one camera, but people definitely seem to be drawn to it.

Speaking of photos, I have to look into why our wedding photos aren’t able to be shared via Snapfish. I’ve received a few emails from friends and family who said they weren’t able to view them anymore.


Add that to my list – which is more manageable but ever-growing.

Happy Hump Day 🙂

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