Lost Tonight!

This will be a short post, as Lost is on tonight. I needn’t remind anyone of just how huge a Lost fan I am. I even started a lost flashbacks web site: http://www.lost-flashbacks.com/ with the intent of posting all of the characters’ flashbacks in chronological order.

I have yet to do it though. Sometimes it really bothers me, as it’s another hanging web site chad from a project that I started and never fully finished. But, I do intend to!! Promise!

My decision to put the Lost Flashbacks site on hold came as I realized I needed to focus on my studies and complete my degree program. Working on a web site wasn’t getting me any closer to achieving that. So, for now I’ll just enjoy the show and some day I’ll return to finishing the site. 😀

Here’s to an absolutely brilliant, original, and creative team that deserves every ounce of recognition for delivering what I believe is television’s best show.

Cheers mates! 🙂

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