My wife, Keziah, and I had to get up early at 6am today as she was having surgery to remove bunions. Now, I should preface this entry by letting you all know that we are avid Scrubs fans – we watch the show in syndication every night on TBS. Ok, consider yourselves prefaced.

Now, no trip to a medical facility can be without incident, right? And, living in upstate New York, no winter can be without its usual compliment of fun and interesting weather. This morning lived up to full expectations and greeted us with a nice mixture of sleet, rain, snow, and freezing rain. Oh, and a kiss of minty freshness.

To make a long story short, what should have taken all of 15 minutes took roughly three times the amount of time. But, at least we weren’t alone, apparently some of the nurses where having similar difficulties getting in as well. In any event, we arrived and in one piece, ironic as Keziah was about to be sliced into little pieces anyway. Ok, I’ve taken some liberties with that statement, but I think you get the humour.

Check in was effortless, many props to the Westfall Surgery Center, LLP, as its entrance so glamorously displays. (As an aside, I’ve always wondered what LLP meant, thanks to my business class studies Ive learned it stands for Limited Liability Practice, as is used by lawyers, doctors, etc. anyone in a profession who starts up their own business. See, you’ve just learned something new :D)

Waiting during surgery is probably the most awkward time you’ll ever spend among other individuals. We’re all there in the same utilitarian room. Everyone’s watching the same show on TV, and we all want to turn it to something else but no one ever does. Some people sleep. Some eat snacks. Some read. But, inevitably, were all waiting for the surgery to end so we can get the hell out of there.

Ironically, as I was typing that last sentence, the surgeon came to get me as Keziahs surgery was done! Great timing!

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