3 Stripes.

Sometimes a tragedy can ultimately have an uncanny ability to unite, as much as it can foster sorrow, confusion, and rage. Such is the case with an old school mate of mine, Lindsay Graygo, whom I hadn’t see since our high-school convocation 11 years ago this June. And, whose recent and unexpected passing has unified so many of us, seemingly overnight.

Lindsay always had an exultant demeanour about her. Strange what one will commit to memory about another; I always remembered Lindsay wearing black Adidas sneakers with 3 white stripes on the sides. Many peers would wear them because they were popular at the time; however, being a talented sportswoman, Lindsay chose to participate in the game of soccer and not in the game of who’s more vogue – wearing those shoes because they embodied who she was, a fierce competitor.

Many knew her better than I, and I don’t lay claim to have been instrumental in her life. But, Lindsay was instrumental in the lives of innumerable others and her passing has affected every one of us who knew her – and even strangers not fortunate enough to. Each of us, her friends, and her family will grieve in our own discrete way, enduring her quietus.

And, as we search for answers and purpose in an unfathomable hour, let us not forget the shoes Lindsay once filled – those Adidas sneakers with their 3 white stripes, representing a mountain, the challenges seen ahead and the goals that can be achieved.

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