Ya, that’s right – I just make up words whenever I feel like it.

Sa-tur-work-day: (n) The 6th day of the week, known commonly as Saturday, in which an individual spends at least 8 hours working.

On this Saturworkday, I spent almost 9 hours at a client’s house upgrading her computer, installing new software and other internal components. It was pretty extensive and exhausting, but I really do enjoy helping people with their computers, whether its upgrading them, resolving an issue, or advising them on new technology.

Maybe I can help you! Send me an e-mail if you have a computer-related question. I specialize in Apple products; they’re really my forte.

After my appointment, Keziah and I were going to meet up with her friend at Dinosaur BBQ, but I was starving and opted for some Pontillo’s pizza delivery instead. Sweet nectar. 🙂

The day ended curled up on the couch, scarfing pizza and watching “Daja  Vu.” A nice way to round out the day. 😀

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