Coffee with a Friend.

I met up with a friend of mine, Brady Dillsworth, who’s the subject of my BUS110 semester project – a shadowing paper that focuses on a small-business owner. I spent almost 4 hours at a local Starbucks asking a series of questions to garner some information about his business, how he got started, and where he sees the business in the long-term future. It was a great interview, and I’m really excited to get started on the project. Thanks Brady for giving me your time!

Not expecting to spend that much time at the interview, I ran up against the clock in finishing my other paper that was due by mid-night! I barely made it with literally 3 minutes to spare. Nothing like cutting it close to keep things interesting! 😀

Oh, my ad debuted this weekend in City Newspaper – a Rochester, NY weekly circular. Here’s a picture of the ad, as it appeared in the “Annual Manual” insert.


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