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I had to get up early this morning and participate in the community walk around for the home owner’s association that I’m a board member of. Basically, we had to walk around for 3 hours and make sure owner’s were taking care of their homes. After we completed the walk around, it started raining. And, it rained pretty much the rest of the day – washing out any chance of outside yard work. 🙁

I ended up puttering around the house, not really focused on any one thing. I was pretty drained both mentally and physically from the 3 hour walk around. I don’t like feeling that way because it is as though I’m being unproductive.

It was an early night for me, ending up going to sleep around 10pm – falling asleep to “Who Killed the Electric Car.” I think I got about 33 seconds into the film before waking up the next morning. 🙂 I watched part of it at work on Friday, which led me to purchase the movie on iTunes Saturday afternoon.

Man, I love my iPhone. I was able to download the movie for $10, transfer it to my phone, and watch the movie on my TV via my phone. That – is pretty cool. 🙂

I also keep a selection of my most recent wedding photographs on my iPhone so I always have them to show whenever people are interested in hiring me as their wedding photographer. People in Rochester, NY and Upstate, New York are really nice to work with, and photographing weddings in Rochester is a lot of fun too! I really enjoy meeting with new people and photographing their weddings! 🙂

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