While I was at Panera Bread with a friend of mine, a pretty hefty storm blew through and completely flooded the parking lot! The power of water is an amazing thing. In about 15 minutes there was probably 8-10 inches of rain water flooding the huge parking lot! I started to think about an old schoolmate, Jamie, in Iowa who has had to deal with much larger flood waters. I can’t imagine what that is like – to be in a flood plain with water as deep as 7 feet. Crazy.

After about 30 minutes, the skies had cleared and the sun was beaming down. Craig and I watched as all that water disappeared into the storm drains – which was pretty neat because the water made a little tornado-esque vortex as it drained. Neat-oh!

Later tonight, when I got home, I decided to tackle my first relaxation technique for this week – meditation! It was a little weird at first, and took me a while to get settled in, but once I did it felt really good. I have to write a small lab report about it, so I’m not going to repeat information. But, it felt good – not only to cross it off my list of things to do, but physically, it was rejuvenating. 🙂

I think after photographing an engagement session or taking wedding photos, I might implement a little meditation time afterward to refresh and rejuvenate my mind! The next time I’m hired as a wedding photographer, I’m going to try and work in some meditation time. Shooting weddings is very much a non-stop job – I concentrate on delivering the best and most creative wedding photos possible, that it’s simply difficult for me to slow down. 🙂

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