A Delicious Meal.

I actually got home a little early and decided that I wanted to make a nice dinner, since I was in such a good mood! Maybe my meditation from Monday night helped clear some clogged passageways. 🙂 After looking around to see what ingredients I had to work with, I thought I would make some fresh basil pesto pasta with home made garlic bread. Just writing about it now has induced a Pavlovian response!

Unfortunately, I had not the basil that one would need to create basil pesto. Ah, ha, fortunately though my wife was at Wegmans and was able to pick up not only the basil plants I needed but also a loaf a fresh, crusty bread. I’ve never made garlic bread by scratch, only the frozen kind. So, this would be somewhat of an experiment.

I took the bread and cut it length-wise, then cut individual pieces, buttered them and pressed a few slices of garlic into them. I then put them on the bottom rack of the oven and broiled them until the tops were browned, flipped them over and browned the other sides. Perfect!!

Meanwhile, I had prepared the pesto, getting the consistency juusssssssssst right. And, cooked the pasta til it was absolutely perfect. The meal really was fantastic, if I don’t say so myself. 🙂 If I had thought about it then, I would have asked for my wife to purchase some strawberries for desert – oh well. 🙂

Overall, a fantastic night with a hearty meal and some wonderful company! 🙂 Tomorrow, I’m going to explore my 2nd stress management relaxation technique. I’m not certain what it’s going to be yet, but I skimmed through some of my options and the one that I’m most interested in is mental imagery. I’m looking forward to trying that out or another one, if it should peak my curiosity. 🙂

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